Couple Counsellor in Enfield and Central London

Sometimes when you are hurting or your relationship feels quite shaky, counselling can provide the much needed help and support. You can either recover or discover what is missing and work towards creating an emotionally and physically fulfilling relationship. Or you may need support to recover emotionally and live a fulfilling life after a betrayal, difficult life events or a separation.

As a certified emotionally focused therapist and specialist couple counsellor, I am genuinely committed to supporting couples and individuals in healing and transforming relationships with self and others by building emotional closeness, physical intimacy, personal and relational wellbeing.

I offer counselling sessions in person and online in order to be accessible to couples and individuals who live too far from my consultation venues.

Are you having relationship problems?

It could be that your relationship issues have reached a stage where you:

Relationship issues are particularly distressing because we humans are naturally wired to seek closeness with that special person we can count on in good times and bad times.

Overcoming relationship issues

It helps if you can talk, listen and respond sensitively to each other's feelings and needs around touchy matters.

If you can't communicate heart-to-heart and successfully work through your relationship difficulties, one possible solution is to consider couple counselling. A specialist relationship counsellor can provide a safe supportive space where you can repair and reclaim your relationship or heal emotionally from the loss of a significant relationship.

Alternatively, if your relationship isn't in severe distress but has become like a wilting plant in need of some watering, then a Hold Me Tight (HMT) couples workshop might be what is needed to nurture it. Alternatively, HMT can be a great prelude to commencing or deciding if you even need couples therapy. And it is especially suited for any couple that want to deepen trust and intimacy within their relationship.

If you would like to find out more about couple counselling or getting support for personal and relationship issues, please email me at or text Helene on 0776 2333 644 to enquire about availability or request a brief conversation. A conversation or email doesn't mean you are under any obligation to book an appointment. Finding a counsellor that you feel comfortable with is important, so a telephone call or booking an initial consultation session can help you decide if we can work together.

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